2017 Old Timer's Luncheon

Front row: Larry Tracey, John Lotas, Wayne Tracey, Joe Oliva, Jack McBride, Luther Collins

Back row: Bob Heizman, Bob Facey, Don Varano, Vance Harris, Rich Hodge, Jim Hyland, Pete Stecko, Tom Zaylor



2016 Playoff Crews

Class 'LL' Final - 12/10/16 - Darien 28, Ridgefield 7

From L to R: HL Steve Whalen, LJ Brad Capon, R Tony Capon, U Rob Kronenberger, BJ Chuck Drury

Class 'LL' Semi-Final - 12/5/16 - Ridgefield 44, Shelton 41

From L to R: L John Antolini, U Derek Roberts, R Marcus Williams, LJ Steve Bruno, BJ Nick Schiavone


Class 'L' Semi-Final - 12/5/16 - New Canaan 20, Notre Dame-West Haven 17

From L to R: L Jeff Peak, BJ: Tim Kehoe, R Ron Patry, U Peter Bowman, LJ Brian Coy


Class 'L' Quarterfinal - 11/29/16 - Notre Dame-West Haven 44, New London 7

From L to R: BJ Jamie Davies, U Keith Bryan, R Dave Davies, LJ Rick Bogert, L Jeff Ziplow



Class 'M' Quarterfinal - 11/29/16 - Killingly 27, Bunnell 7

From L to R: BJ Joe Miceli, LJ Jason Ogrin, R Joe Vance, ECO Wayne Tracey, U Tim Linnartz, L Tom Sparks


2015 Playoff Crews

Class 'S' Semi-final - 12/7/15 - Ansonia 31, Trinity Catholic 22

From L to R: U Luke Collins, R Andy Sanzaro, HL Chris Lemay, LJ Tom Zaylor, BJ Bill Greider


Class 'S' Quarter-final - 12/1/15 - Trinity Catholic 40, Morgan 12

From L to R: LJ Wilson Tirado, R T.J. Calabrese, HL Jeff Hulme, BJ Craig Vincelette, ECO Larry Tracey, U Mike Civitello


2015 Old Timer's Luncheon

Front Row:  Frank Scelza, John Schultz, Wayne Tracey, Bill Masci, Jack McBride, Armand Choiniere 

Back Row: Luther Collins, Bill McGrath, Bob Harris, Marino Silvestri, Bill Currlin, Steve Gage, Rich Hodge, Bill Bartlett 


2014 Playoff Crews

Class 'L-Large' Final - 12/13/14 - New Canaan 21, Darien 20

From L to R: U Rob Kronenberger, LJ Steve Wood, R Ron Patry, HL Steve Whalen, BJ Chuck Drury


Class 'S-Large' Final - 12/13/14 - Valley Regional/Old Lyme 21, Ansonia 20

From L to R: BJ Leo Audibert, LJ Ralph Tosto, U Bill McDougal, R Marcus Williams, HL John Antolini


Class 'L-Large' Semifinal - 12/6/14 - Darien 42, Naugatuck 12

From L to R: HL Nick Schiavone, U Peter Bowman, R Skip Chase,  BJ Jeremy DeAngulo, LJ Jeff Peak




2014 Old Timer's Luncheon

Front Row:  Joe Lombardo, John Schultz, Steve Gage, Bill Masci, Armand Choiniere, Rich Hodge 

Back Row: Bob Facey, Marino Silvestri, Dave Friend, Al Santostefano, Luther Collins, Bill Bartlett, Bill Currlin


2014 "Shoes on the other foot" game

2013 Playoff Crews

Class 'L' Quarterfinal - 12/3/13 - Darien 31, Hand 29

From L to R: HL Rob Thibault, BJ Mike Sanzaro, R Andy Sanzaro, LJ Dana Turnquest, U Tim Linnartz



Class 'S' Quarterfinal - 12/3/13 - Ansonia 49, Coginchaug 21

From L to R: BJ Tim Kehoe, LJ Bob Lemanski, R T.J. Calabrese, U Joe Vance, HL Wilson Tirado

2013 Old Timer's Luncheon

Front Row: John Farrell, Frank Scelza, Bill Masci, Jack McBride, Steve Gage, Bob Harris.
Back Row: Mario Silvestri, Jim Healy, John Schultz, Al Santastefano, Rick Kureczka, Bill Bartlett, Rich Hodge, Luther Collins, Bill Currlin



2013 "Shoes on the other foot" game



Many thanks to Skip Chase and Vance Harris for providing the Shoe Game photos.


2012 Playoff Crews

Class 'S' Final - 12/8/12 - Ansonia 59, North Branford 26

From L to R: HL Steve Whalen, BJ Chuck Drury, U Rob Kronenberger, R Vance Harris, LJ Tom Zaylor

Class 'L' Semifinal - 12/2/12 - Hand 42, Masuk 23

From L to R: BJ Marcus Williams, LJ Jim Hyland, R Ron Patry, HL Jeff Peak, U Greg Habzda



Class 'M' Quarterfinal - 11/27/12 - Hillhouse 34, St. Joseph 14

From L to R: HL Jason Marturano, U Mike Civitello, R Skip Chase, LJ Larry Pace, BJ Leo Audibert


Long time CCAFO member George P (Przychodzen) is shown pulling the winning ticket for Harley Davidson raffle at the Glastonbury midget games held on 10/28/2012.


2012 Connecticut Football Officials Hall of Fame luncheon

On March 18, 2012, at the the Foxon Country House in East Haven, three CCAFO officials were inducted into the Connecticut Football Officials Hall of Fame and a fourth received the prestigious Vin Reilly Award.

Bob Heimgartner (1981-present), Jay Kelleher (1977-present) and Mr. Bob Fields (1958-2004) were inducted into the Connecticut Football Officials Hall of Fame. All three are past Presidents of the CCAFO and represent 115 years of total service to our board. Mr. Fields two sons were also members of our board.

Reece Jennings (1992-present) was honored with the Vin Reilly Award. Reece has consistently demonstrated the highest values of our organization from the day he joined. This award recognizes the dedicated effort of an outstanding individual from each of the six boards.

Many thanks to Bob Facey for providing these photos taken at the event.


2012 "Shoes on the other foot" game


2011 Old Timer's Luncheon

Front Row:  Marino Silvestri, Jim Hyland, Steve Gage, Wayne Tracey, Frank Scelza

Back row:  Jack Dipersio, Dan Lodge, Jim Healy, John Schultz, Jack McBride and Larry Tracey


Linear Trail Bench dedicated to CCAFO official Bob Burbank

Robert Burbank sits on the bench that was dedicated to him on the Quinnipiac River Linear Trail in Meriden.