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First year officials must pass National Federation test to become a member.


Experienced officials who are transferring into the State of Connecticut, and who wish to continue football officiating, are encouraged to bring with them a letter of good standing and recommendation from the Secretary/Commissioner (or similar position) of their previous association. Upon arrival contact:  

Mr. Marcus Williams
Commissioner, CCAFO
P.O. Box 370403
West Hartford, CT 06137


Standards and Training

At each high school varsity football game the CCAFO provides five on-field officials and one electric clock operator to keep the official game time. Each official is trained and skilled in his particular position. The level of officiating is kept to the highest standards. Prior to the season each member must pass the National Federation High School Association Part I, 100 question open book exam . During the season each official is rated by his peers after each football game. These ratings are tabulated at the end of each season and each official is then ranked by position and by overall standing in the association. These rankings are then used to establish next years schedule and post season assignments.

In addition to working the games, the membership meets approximately 2-3 times a month during the high school football season. During these meetings, the Training Committee and the Better Officiating Committee discuss specific rules interpretations and mechanics as well as recent on-field events.