What is the CCAFO?

We are an organization dedicated to providing professional football officiating services to the central Connecticut public, parochial and private high schools for their Freshman, Junior Varsity, and Varsity home games. Founded in 1929, the organization has grown to be the largest football officiating board (more than 200 members) in the state of Connecticut. Many of the members are qualified to officiate games played under both National Federation and NCAA rules.

2017 Officers

Office Officer
President  Bill Bartlett
Vice President  Nick Schiavone
Secretary  Greg Habzda
Treasurer  Reece Jennings
Commissioner  Andy Sanzaro  
Member Elect Dana Turnquest
1st Past President Luke Collins
Past President Rob Kronenberger
Past President Jay Kelleher
Board Rep Jeff Peak
Board Rep Randy Crocker
Solicitor Rick Kureczka
BOC Chair Marcus Williams
Parliamentarian  Brad Capon

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2017 Game Fees and Assessments

2017 Game Fees  2015 Dues and Insurance 
Varsity Games $93.70 Active  $95.00
* Thanksgiving or Post Season $138.27 Inactive $25.00
Clock Operators  $62.50 Application Fee (One Time) $60.00
* Thanksgiving or Post Season $88.26 2015 Game Assessments  
Sub-Varsity (3 man crew) $60.93 Varsity  $5.00/Game 
Post Season Chain Crew $30.84 Electric Clock Operator
Sub-Varsity/HS Scrimmages/College Chains
Turnbacks (After Aug. 31) $10.00
UCONN and CCSU Chain Crews
UCONN Home Games $85.00
CCSU Home Games $50.00

Notes: *Thanksgiving Day and post season fees are used for all games played during Thanksgiving week, including postponements.

Officials who are not notified of postponements at least two (2) hours prior to the scheduled kickoff, will be paid the full fee if they appear at the game site.

Membership Classification


Group I - Fully qualified officials who work more than 5 varsity football games in a season

Group II - Qualified officials who work 5 or less varsity football games a year


Officials who have completed at least one year of training and have been voted into probationary membership by the association. Officials in this group continue with intensive training in rules and mechanics. They are recommended for full membership by the training committee and voted on by the membership.